Your Home

There are few things more personal than your home. It’s where you raise a family, relax, entertain and unwind. The elements you add to your home to make it serene and functional can help make it all come together. We carry a range of home furniture choices that can be customized in fabrics and styles to suit your living space and enhance your home’s potential.

Here are some tips on how we have helped people create a home they love.


Colour is a key element of your home. Your walls are huge canvases that can either be the feature or the accompaniment to your style. If you have a bold coloured feature wall, your furniture should compliment that focus without competing with it. You can have more neutral furniture colours that keep the focus on the wall, and add pillows or decor items that provide a burst of colour. Alternatively, if your walls are more neutral, you can explore furniture that adds a pop of colour without being too overwhelming. Adding coordinating furniture pieces can make a room interesting.

Functional & Fun

You don’t have to sacrifice a great room in order to fit an active lifestyle. Choosing the right style of furniture is important here. We have helped families choose furniture that is the right size to still allow for ample movement in active living areas. Another solution can be furniture with appropriate storage options that can hold toys when children are younger, yet transition to a sideboard when children are older. Your furniture needs to function for your household and there are ways to make that happen.

Incorporating Unique Pieces

Treasured family heirlooms can be a great feature of your home in combination with a furniture pattern and style that you love. Many people have these unique pieces but can’t fit them into their living space so they cannot be appreciated as easily. Sometimes you have to think “outside the room” to find the best place for one of these pieces – perhaps a treasured hope chest moves to the foot of your bed instead of being in the den. Unique artwork or decor items can be combined with modern decor items which can bring a new look to featuring a unique piece.

The Changing Home

Our homes change as we change and new furniture and layout can help make reflect your lifestyle. Make more room in your dining room with a table that can expand as needed during gatherings or stay smaller to accommodate regular daily living. Choose side tables that can work independently or combine for a larger surface as needed. Turn a room that is not being used into your new office or reading nook with a few key pieces of furniture.

We have helped many people choose furniture for their homes. Talk to us about how we can help you.